5 Lessons I Learned After Hosting My First Vision Board Workshop

Vision Board Workshop Group Photo
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What do you think of when you hear the words “vision board workshop”?

Does it ignite a fire? Do you feel inspired to curate your best life?

When I was designing Luxe Vision NYE, a luxury vision board workshop for the ambitious millennial woman, I had the goal of making sure every single woman in attendance left with a clear lifestyle design. I wanted everyone to have the tools to bring their deepest desires to fruition.

That was a tall order, I know, but if I’m not big, I’m wasting time.

I quickly learned that planning and hosting a luxury vision board workshop would require blood, sweat, tears, skin made of Kevlar, some elbow grease, and a doting husband. Had I known what it would require so much of my time, money, energy, and emotions….I still would have done it, because I felt like I was being called to do it.

All of this leads me to the 5 lessons I learned after hosting my first vision board workshop:

Lesson #1: Luxury Vision Board Workshops are not for everyone

I learned that some people understood my mission and vision for this event, while others just didn’t get it. I knew who I was speaking to, but I would occasionally try to “convince” some people that this event would be appropriate for them without taking into consideration that they were not ready to invest in themselves in this way at this particular time in their lives. Once I realized this, I made peace with it and moved on.

Lesson #2: Luxury Vision Board Workshops costs an arm, a leg, and a newborn child!

Sweet baby Jesus! It was expensive to host such a luxurious event. Most vision board parties and workshops provide basic materials, music, and drinks, but I wanted to go ALL OUT!

  • I included custom daily vision planners and workbooks to accompany the 12 module presentation.
  • The ladies received bottomless champagne for the entire event.
  • Everyone received Miss Unconventional shirts, bags, and professional MU branded photos
  • We can’t forget about the gourmet 3-course meal at the fancy southern style restaurant.
  • And, the castle-shaped house in the middle of Atlanta, with an amazing rooftop deck overlooking the entire city.
  • I even went so far as to make sure everyone had lifestyle specific magazines, quote stickers, letters, numbers, and decorations to make sure their vision boards were luxe too!

And so much more…

My goal was to make these women feel like royalty while they were designing their best lives and that cost well over $5,000.00. I knew going into it that I would lose money, but it was a risk I was willing to take, because these women deserved to be spoiled!

Miss Unconventional Vision Board Workshop Photo

Lesson #3: Luxury Vision Boards Workshops require extreme attention to detail

My workshop is luxury because of the sheer amount of detail that went into planning and organizing it. I created a branded itinerary,  welcome kit, and a list of what to bring. We even went so far as to get champagne in gold, blue, and rose, because it matched my brand colors! Each bag was filled with the same gifts, and everyone had the same board materials. Some might say I was doing THE MOST!

Lesson #4: Luxury Vision Board Workshops require badass, phenomenal women who are obsessed with becoming the best versions of themselves.

The women at Luxe Vision NYE were serious about their personal and professional growth. They saw Luxe Vision NYE as an investment, not a burden. These women loved to uplift and empower other women. Moving forward, I will be extremely selective to make sure that each vision board workshop is made up of a group as special as this one.

Vision Board Workshop Conversation Party Photo

Lesson #5:  Luxury Vision Board Workshops have the power to change lives when planned and hosted properly.

I think I knew this going in, right? Because why else would I put so much time, money, and effort into it? I think it all became so real when I saw a woman who had never created a SMART goal or vision board before, transform her board into something so specific and so clear, I almost cried. Seeing the shock and sense of accomplishment all over her face was worth the price of gold.

Vision Board Workshop Boarding Photo

Luxe Vision NYE was landmark moment in my life. It signified the beginning of something so unique and profound. All I want to do is perfect the experience and continue offering it to phenomenal women who want to walk the unconventional path to designing their absolute best life. God has given me the gift of facilitation. I know I can help women all over the world design a life they no longer need a break from.

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