Feeling Stuck? Try These 8 Tips

Feeling Stuck Try These 8 Tips
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Are you feeling stuck? Like your just not progressing in life?

Trust me, I understand the feeling. It can be completely debilitating at times, but I want you to know that this feeling won’t last forever.

The fact that you are feeling stuck is a good sign, actually. It means you are on the journey. Like all good journeys there are times of bliss, fun, and adventure married with times of strife, obstacles, and grief. Without suffering there would be no compassion, right?

So, embrace the feeling and consider these 8 tips for getting unstuck.

Step #1: Take a moment to reflect on your life

Be careful with this step. You want to make sure you focus on all the positives first. Think about the things you DO have that you are grateful for and then reflect on the things you desire or lack.

For me, I always start by thinking of my wonderful husband, my family, and my amazing friends and sisters. I also think about my ability to travel and see the world, but I often think about the business ideas that have yet to come to fruition and the experiences I have been unable to take advantage of at this time.

Step #2: Create some new goals for yourself

If you’re a self-proclaimed #goalgetter like me, this will come easy to you. If you subscribed to this blog, I think it’s safe to assume that you are the ambitious type who wants to do better in life. A person like you would never settle for feeling stuck. Take that ambition and allow it to fuel your mind as you set SMART  goals for yourself.

Step #3: Reevaluate your overall path to success

This is a huge reason why most people are feeling stuck in the first place. They have no idea what success means for them. It’s time you start getting a little more specific, right? Define what success looks like for YOU. Think about what life would look like if you were “successful”.

Now, ask yourself “What have I been doing to progress to this?”  If you can’t answer your own question with specificity, then you know you need to be a little more intentional with your time from now on. No one wants to look back on their life and think, “Damn, I’ve wasted so much time and I’m nowhere near where I thought I’d be.”

Step #4: Track your progress

Have you ever started a weight loss journey and forgot to take a proper ‘before’ picture, so even though you lost a lot of weight, it was hard to tell how far you had come? Yeah, I don’t want you to experience that.

Whether it’s weight loss or some other goal, you should be tracking where you began and the updates throughout. Why? Because it will give you motivation when your original source of stamina starts to decline, and things get a little rough.

Step #5: Learn every single day

I can’t stress this enough! Sometimes, the antidote to feeling stuck lies in that next book, podcast, or workshop. Continuous personal growth and development is paramount to getting unstuck. One quote from a book or blog post could catapult you into productivity and get you out that proverbial ditch you’ve been chilling in. I’ve literally had situations where I read one line in a book and immediately put the book down to begin taking action. I know everyone’s all “self-help this and self-help that”, but the shit works so…

Step #6: Don’t be afraid to ask people (who are where you want to be) for advice and guidance

My biggest wins in life have come from my insatiable thirst for making new connections and learning from people I admire or people I consider to be much smarter and more successful than me. You’ll be surprised how much these people want to see you win.

Think about it:

These people have reached a certain level of comfort and satisfaction in their lives. They are happy, healthy, and thriving! These are the kind of people who want to see others win; so, when you reach out to them, chances are they will do what they can to help you reach the level of success they have been blessed to experience.

Step #7: Be honest with yourself


You can lie to the world, but don’t disrespect yourself by lying to the only one who’s been down for you. You! I mean if you can’t keep it 100 with yourself, what are you even doing? (Rhetorical) When you look in the mirror every morning, “be honest with thyself” should be written on a sticky note on said mirror so that you never forget. If you do this one little trick, you’ll be walking in your truth on a daily basis no matter how you feel. That, my friend, is POWER!

Step #8: Don’t overthink everything, be patient, and trust the journey!

Here’s the thing:

You will not always have the answers, the goal, or a clue. Simple as that. The key though, is to not overthink the process. Just because someone else’s journey looks well-thought out and organized in a certain way, does not mean yours has to look like that. Sometimes, our journey to life’s purpose is as messy as our homes on a Friday night.

No need to stress about it, just keep cleaning it up as you go along. Despite what people may tell you, there is no “one size fits all” to lifestyle design. It’s like what my mom used to always tell me,

“Kierra, there are a million different ways to get to where you want to go.”

And boy was she right! Preach ma! Preach!

Now go out there and get unstuck, boo! I know you can do it. In the meantime, tell me exactly what you’ve been struggling with lately. I want to know.

If this still doesn’t do it for you, grab this book and allow it to change your life.


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