The 3 Biggest Secrets to Manifesting Your Goals

Manifesting Your Goals
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Nod your head if you can relate to the following:

You approach each new year, each new quarter, each new month with the most ambitious intentions. You set goals, get pumped up by reading inspirational content, and even take some sort of action the next day, but as time goes on, the motivation wanes, the actions cease, and the goals you’ve set become a distant memory.

Did you nod your head?

Don’t worry…  I feel you, sis! You are not alone. Before I became obsessed with personal growth and development, I was unknowingly setting goals that weren’t so S.M.A.R.T. or intentional and then when they failed to come to fruition, my response was,

“Oh well, I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.”

It was such a cop-out, but I’m past that now. I was doing a number of things wrong back then, but I’ve since learned a thing or two about setting and manifesting Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Timely goals.

When I began to adhere to the S.M.A.R.T. goal formula, I immediately saw drastic changes. I went from achieving NONE of my goals to achieving SOME of my goals in no time, but it still felt like there was something missing.

So, what the hell was it!?

Over time, I read countless books on manifestation and Law of Attraction, and one day it just clicked! I felt like I had unlocked a whole new level to this goal-setting game when I uncovered the three secrets that helped me go from manifesting SOME of my goals to manifesting MOST of my goals.

Secret #1: Write your goals down in the PRESENT tense using POSITIVE language

You’ve heard the importance of writing down your goals plenty of times, but have you ever been told to write them in the present tense and state them positively? I’ll take a wild guess and say no. The reason why I feel so comfortable in saying that is because every single time I’ve asked someone to tell me their goals, it is instinctive and borderline second nature for them to respond to me in the future tense. There’s nothing wrong with this, except it lacks ownership and faith IMO.

Example of typical SMART Goal:

“I will lose 10lbs. this month.”

Notice the word “will” implies it is something that has not yet happened, but the intention is there.

Notice the word “lose” has a negative energy about it. We typically use the word when we’ve lost something or someone or have lost control over something. A word like that has no place in a goal statement.

Example of SMART Goal with Secret #1 Applied:

“I am 10 lbs. lighter this month.”

Notice the shift in the energy surrounding this goal!! SHHHIIITTT!! I’m like, Yaaasss sis!! YAAASSSS! Own that! There’s so much ownership here, because we’ve replaced “will” with a present tense “to be” verb.

Notice how using the word “lighter” as opposed to the word “lose” gives the statement a more optimistic feeling and light-hearted meaning.

When I began to reframe the way I stated my goals on paper and out loud, I began to take more ownership of the promises I was making to myself. I also activated the power of cognitive dissonance, which is the act of holding beliefs or ideas that are in contradiction to your actions and behaviors, and that alone was extremely powerful in manifesting my goals.

Example: “I am 10lbs. lighter.” Owning that statement as if it is true the moment I say it forces my brain to will my body to complete the actions that will make the statement I just owned true. Does that make sense? Our brains are constantly trying to make what we think match our reality. That’s how successful people become successful. They employ the power of cognitive dissonance to their advantage.

Secret #2: Add a clear action statement to the end of every goal and become PREDICTABLE

You know the “A” in S.M.A.R.T. stands for actionable, yet so many of us write goals without action. It’s that one piece that could tell us exactly how to proceed with urgency and intention. Without it, we’re stuck loving the idea and the sound of our goals, but lacking a roadmap forward. Nothing kills a goal faster than a plan without action. Can I say it again for the people in the back?


When you place an action–a way forward–at the end of your goal statement, you inform yourself and others of what they can expect from you as you pursue the goal. Once that action becomes a non-negotiable piece of your routine, you become PREDICTABLE in the best way!

Example of a SMART Goal with an action statement applied:

“I am 10lbs. lighter by the end of this month by implementing the 20/4 Intermittent Fasting regimen and following the Insanity workout plan 5 days per week.”

Notice how the goal statement becomes actionable and believable, because I’ve provided a roadmap to display exactly how I will get there. This is what separates real goals from pipe dreams!

My grandma used to always say,

“Kierra, when people SHOW you who they are, believe them.”

She emphasized the “show” because she understood the formula: Action > Words. It’s not enough for us to claim our goals verbally, we must produce the blueprint we’ll use to get us there. Even if you can’t stick to the plan you originally laid out, the main thing to keep in mind is to always be working on a plan to move the needle forward on your goals.

Secret #3: Create a gratitude statement for each goal, recite them daily, & add the PURPOSE

We all hear it time and time again: “Be grateful for what you do have.” While that’s true, and you should express gratitude DAILY for the blessings you currently have, I want to take it a step further and argue that you should be equally as grateful for the blessings yet to come. Why? Because that’s your way of telling the universe that you own your goals and are grateful because you KNOW they’re coming.

That faith portion is what’s going to lead you to manifest like a master! This is, indeed, the SECRET SAUCE. Consider it to be the heartbeat of your goal setting process. The moment I began integrating gratitude into my goal setting process, it was a wrap. I had discovered the key to becoming a Master Manifestor!

Example of a SMART goal written as a gratitude statement:

“I am so happy and grateful that I am 10lbs. lighter BECAUSE now I feel more energized during the day and confident in my physical appearance, which leads to better health and a steady fitness routine that I can maintain daily.”

Notice how PURPOSEFUL this statement is. I mean, if you didn’t know my purpose for setting this goal before, it’s very clear now that I’ve stated my reasons in my gratitude statement.

The “because” part is essential, because it forces you to come up with a valid reason why you want to achieve that goal. In the pursuit of our dreams, our “WHY” must be strong enough to weather the storms of the “HOW.” When the storm comes (and it most certainly will come), we must be armed with our WHY to reflect on so we can maintain high energy, motivation, and inspiration on the journey.

Want to know the telltale sign that you don’t actually want to achieve the goal you’ve set? If you reflect on the “WHY” and it’s not enough to keep you going, then the goal is no longer meaningful enough to you and you will eventually and inevitably fail. The key is to remain purpose-driven in your pursuit. When the purpose fades, so follows the drive.

“When the purpose fades, so follows the drive.”

How to Take A.C.T.I.O.N. on the 3 Biggest Secrets to Manifesting Your Goals Into Your Life

Becoming a Master Manifestor requires one thing: DELIBERATE A.C.T.I.O.N.

Once you do the following, you set yourself on the road to getting any and everything you want out of life. You become unstoppable. The question is how do you begin to take A.C.T.I.O.N. on manifesting your goals?

  1. Assess the areas of life you wish to improve. There are 12 areas total: Career/Business, Mental Well-being, Values, Experiences, Quality of Life, Health & Fitness, Emotional Well-being, Spiritual Well-being, Intimate Relationship, Platonic Relationships, Family, and Personal Finances.
  2. Create a S.M.A.R.T. Goal for each one.
  3. Test the Goal against the 4P’s checklist: Is it PRESENT TENSE, POSITIVE, PREDICTABLE, & PURPOSEFUL.
  4. Identify an accountability partner who cares enough to keep you in check.
  5. Own the goal by creating a gratitude statement for each one.
  6. Never go a day without reciting the gratitude statements and taking at least one step towards one of your goals.

Do this, sis; do it to a proverbial “T” and I promise you will WIN. When you’re done taking action, share these three secrets with everyone you know and love so we all can be out here living our absolute best, most fabulous lives…Please & Thank You!

If you need a resource to help you get started, I created this Monthly Goal-Setting Intensive that incorporates all 10 essential elements of goal setting that I know you’ll love. Download the packet here, and if you find that you’d rather go through it and fill it out with me, you can book a 90-minute Monthly Goal Setting Intensive Strategy Session here.

In the meantime, follow me on Instagram @missunconventional_ so I can continue delivering gems to you on the daily!

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