The Emotional Roller-coaster of Entrepreneurship & How I Cope

Entrepreneurship is a rollercaoster of emotions
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“Throw the whole business away, sis!”

Yup, that’s what I yell at Taneeka, my Design Strategist & Personal Assistant, at least once a month, two to three weeks in. Like, I just can’t!

If you’re currently on your entrepreneurship journey and you’re reading this, can you relate? It’s like clockwork! The feeling just takes over my mind, body, and spirit and in that moment I’m ready to abandon all ambitions, pack my bags, and relocate to the sunny beaches of Malta with my husband to sip pina coladas and work on my tan.

For a moment, I am READY, and no one can tell me otherwise. But of course, Taneeka sees it coming, as she does every month, and at this point she hits me with the monotone response like,

“Oh, so it’s that time again, huh?”

Annoyed! I’m yelling at her how serious I am and that she’ll receive a nice severance package, don’t worry. She just calls in Ilya, my husband, and he brings a mimosa or glass of wine and says in his innocent, loving, supportive voice,

“Baby, you can’t quit. You have women who need your help.”

And with that, I gradually come back to reality and remember my big WHY and my purpose for this season of life.

The feeling lingers a little while longer until I read something, hear something, or think of something, that sparks my creative senses and then I’m back at it, grinding away. Whew! The drama of it all!

Roller-coaster is literally the best way to describe it. Had I known it would be this damn hard, I probably would have never embarked on the journey in the first place, but here I am.

The Ups of Entrepreneurship:

When things are good, they’re really, really good! Ideas are flowing, content is endless, gems are dropped and recorded, lives are changing, and it all feels GRAND. A client will send me a message profusely thanking me for a breakthrough. One sentence on a business podcast will send me on a creative frenzy.

An ego-boosting DM from someone who’s been following me “silently,” reveals that my consistency and content has changed the trajectory of their life. I’ll have a conversation with a friend where they’ll affirm that I am living out my purpose. Then one of my Instagram posts will get crazy engagement, reaffirming that I’m not speaking to an empty auditorium. A podcast host will express excitement to have me on their show. My coach will express how inspired she is by my work ethic and ambition.

Yeah….when it’s up, it’s really up.

But nothing good lasts forever on this entrepreneurship journey…

The Downs of Entrepreneurship:

When things are bad, they’re really, really bad! Ideas are non-existent, content is at a stalemate, and gems as rare as an Afghan Ruby in a South Dakota Jewelry store. My brain freezes and it feels like I’ve lost every creative atom in my body. I can barely articulate a completed intelligent thought. New clients seem to be out of reach, organization and routines seem to fall by the wayside.

Social media accounts feel like a wasteland and everyone seems to be thriving EXCEPT me. The conversations with friends cease because I don’t want them to see or hear me all bent out of shape like this. After all, how would that look? The Lifestyle Design Strategist and gratitude enthusiast is having a gloomy day! Oh, poor her. Then my coach comes along granting me permission to rest and chill and I take it, yet beat myself up for it, completely negating any good the break could have done.

Yup….when it’s down, it’s really down

But nothing bad lasts forever, either…

How I Cope

I know what you’re thinking:

“Well, why stick with it if it’s this much of a headache?”

Well, it’s like my husband said: I have women who want and need this information. I have a WHY that’s much bigger than me. I have a desire to help women achieve success, happiness, and financial freedom in their lives. It’s not just for some of us. I believe we all can have it all. Constantly reminding myself of my mission is how I cope.

They say,

“The WHY should be strong enough to weather the struggles of the HOW.”

So this sounds nice and all, but what do the specific coping actions entail?

Like I said before, I have my husband and my employee act as my support team and remind me of my purpose whenever I feel like tapping out. I’ve created a mantra that I recite when I need a pick me up. I refer to my vision board every single day, and it acts as a constant reminder of what I’m working so hard for. I think about the lives I’ve changed so far and how many more I could change if I keep going.

If all else fails to convince me, I can always fall back on the notion that I am in control of my life! If a path no longer serves me, I have every right to redirect. I have an inalienable right to change my gotdamn mind….and that my friends, brings me so much peace.

A Letter to the Fempreneur on her EntrepreneurSHIP

Dear Fellow Fempreneur,

If you’re reading this, I have so much love and respect for the work you put in day in and day out to pursue your purpose. I know your efforts are often overlooked, underpaid, and underpraised, but I am here to tell you, I SEE YOU. I AM YOU. You have my complete support. As you continue to impact others’ lives with your mission, always remember that your first duty is to your gotdamn self! When all the water disappears from your cup and you have nothing left to give, who/what will remain? You can’t be sure. That is why you must take care of YOU. Make your cup overflow, and pour into others with the excess.


Miss Unconventional Kierra

1 thought on “The Emotional Roller-coaster of Entrepreneurship & How I Cope”

  1. If there was a person that could read my mind & put it into words, it would be you hahaha

    Got allll the feels reading this!!! Thank you for sharing this, cause I feel the same way. For a whole month I wasn’t feeling my business, got anxiety about posting & being on IG because I was too focused on “likes” & engagement, rather than just being consistent & helping.

    Thank you for writing the letting to the Fempreneur, it was beautiful and you’re beautiful. Thank you for sharing your journey, thank you using your voice. Thank you for being YOU.


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