Here to teach
fempreneurs how to

pivots and establish

productive habits
without sacrificing

self-care.You can be
a Boss & have

a life too.

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To empower 1 million women to pivot
into their
purpose and design a life &
business that is


To teach entrepreneurs how to
make a
profitable pivot and establish
productive daily
practices without sacrificing


To empower 1 million women to pivot
into their
purpose and design a life &
business that is


To share my lifestyle design wisdom
with women
who want to write their own
story and become
the best version of

The Mind

If you feel stuck, stagnant, and stressed about
business, and the pursuit of happiness, I feel
you on
a VISCERAL level, sis.

I was there, once (and if we’re being
have my moments).

I was broke and broken, not a coin or token.

I was emotionally sick and suicidal, with no
or worthy title.

When others hear my story, they joke that I’ve
lived 9 lives.
I always think to myself,

“Shit! If this is my 9th one, I better
not screw it up!”

This is not a “Cinderella Story” and no man
came to save me,
but I did WILL through what I
went through (by the GRACE of God),

and you
can read more about it here…

The productivity Playbook

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, out of
and a slave to your day? If just reading
that sentence struck
a nerve, you’re in the right
place. The Productivity Playbook
was designed
to give you the tools to steal back control,

reclaim your time, and get shit done WITHOUT
your self-care.

  • Routines: Adopt my morning,
    & daily routines to
    jumpstart your
    journey to a more
    productive lifestyle.
  • Systems & Planning: Use my
    monthly goal setting
    framework to steal
    back your
    time & make life fun again.
  • Resources: Get all the essential
    productivity resources that I’ve used

    to 10x my productivity this year.

This playbook is not a magic potion. The
routines, systems, and
resources won’t work
unless you do.

Here’s What Past clients Had to Say

Kierra! Thank you! I pride myself on being a person that knows what she needs to get done and plans ish but if I’m being honest I’ve never been organized on my own. I’ve always been the person waiting for direction, like a syllabus, before focusing on what needs to be done. BUT creating that “syllabus” or game plan has never worked out.

Before our session I was so scatter brained lol. I knew all the things I wanted to do but then didn’t know when it would get done. Working full time is tough and running a business is another thing on its own but I’m really happy we had this session because I feel so good!

So happy and so ready to do the work. Its like I went from being scatter brained to realizing that it doesn’t actually take a lot of time to get things done. It’s doable and I can focus now!

- Vivienne @thevoguide

This productivity session was everything I needed a year ago! Before my session with Kierra, I felt anxious because I’m a high achiever that hates failing and I’ve been failing at productivity in my business ever since I started it 2 years ago.

During our session, Kierra showed me that my lack of effective needle-moving tasks, lack of sleep, and lack of self-care were holding me back as well as not using “No.” as a sentence.

After our session, I felt so much lighter because I have clarity on how I’m going to focus on the activities that move my business forward.

- Ariana @arianstowe

This was my very first Vision Boarding Event. I have been invited to a few, but it never felt like the right event or time. Something about your energy drew me to this event.

The venue, conversation party, the ladies, the level of detail, all of it was top notch! I think this is your calling Kierra. You executed this extremely well. I can’t think of a single thing to complain about honestly.

- Sally @mssallyng

The event BLEW ME AWAY!!

I hired Kierra for a virtual vision board workshop for my mentees after attending both an in person and virtual workshop where she has constantly added so much value to my life and my ability to achieve my goals.

We literally had guests tuning in from 7 different countries, & 3 continents!

Between her and my mindset coach, those were the best personal development investments in all of 2020.

My favorite eye opening part is when Kierra broke down passion over purpose. I’m so grateful for everyone who supported, shared, and attended. I’m still getting messages and DMs about how much they loved it and how much value they got from it.

- Alexis @ayblack

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