how are you sabotaging your productivity?


Are You Ready to: 

Unveil Your LUXE Vision? 
Unleash Your PRODUCTIVE Power? 
Unlock Your Next BOLD Move?

Without sacrificing your self-care, of course.


Without sacrificing your self-care, of course.

What would your life and career look like if you reclaimed your time, safeguarded your energy, and focused on the right things, at the right time, for the right reasons?


Before working our VIP Day I was struggling to manage my time, and was juggling entirely too many hats to the point that I was completely burnt out. I did not have any clear morning or evening routine to pour back into myself or be able to tackle the goals that were important to me. I also did not have boundaries in place for my business or personal life.

I was blown away after our VIP Day because not only did she teach me how to be more productive with my time management skills and boundaries but we also dug into some business strategies that I could use to get me to the next level. I left with so much clarity on my offers, how to structure my upcoming launch, and even an exit plan for my corporate job.”

Tionna T.

“If you are considering working with Kierra, just do it trust me!!

Financial Literacy Coach

You’re Here Because You’re Tired of the “Same Sh*t, Different Toilet Approach to Productivity & Lifestyle Design

Binging Personal development books, listening to countless Podcasts, & searching for answers to life’s most pressing questions on Google University only got you so far. 

Now, it’s time to put some skin in the game.

Find clarity on your Luxe Vision 

Guarantee your BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS goals

Operate in your zones of genius

Create a game plan that aligns with your 3Ps

Determine your next bold move

Unleash your productive power

You want to:


I Have Great News!

There are 3 Amazing Ways We Can Work Together Depending on Your Needs.


CONQUER Your Chaos Crash Course:

A one-of-a-kind hybrid 8-week course and coaching program that helps you reclaim your TEA (Time, Energy, & Attention). Don't let others control the only life you get! This course will give you:

My signature 7-step process for CONQUERing your chaotic schedule

7 Weekly Challenges AND 1:1 coaching sessions (You read that right)

The most effective strategies for goal-setting and productivity that you've ever seen


I can tell that you've put your heart and soul into this! I love the simplicity of your platforms too! It's so obvious where everything is, even someone not so tech-savvy (such as myself) can figure it out! Everything feels clear and organized. Even at this early stage, I can tell this course is going to help me look at my productivity in a brand new way and make me deal with things I didn't realize I was trying to avoid. It's going to be a challenge and I'm glad I'm not doing it alone!"

-Kayla J.

"I've been enjoying the different formats of information you provide for each module.


Guest Workshops:

Want me to make a guest appearance inside your community, program, or company?

I've got you covered with several options to choose from:

Workshop #1:
Luxe Vision Board

Workshop #2:
Guarantee Your Goals

Workshop #3:
Master Your
Productivity Mindset

Workshop #4:
Permission to Pivot Granted

In this workshop I teach my signature, unconventional vision boarding process: The Lifestyle D.E.S.I.G.N. Protocol

In this workshop I teach my signature 10-Step Goal Alchemy Formula that is sure to help you guarantee your goals

In this workshop I help you with the 1o most common limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your productivity

In this workshop I teach my signature 5-Step Pivot Protocol from my Amazon Best-Selling book Permission to Pivot, Granted

*All workshops are available in person as well: please inquire.*


I hired Kierra for a virtual vision board workshop for my mentees after attending both an in person and virtual workshop where she has constantly added so much value to my life and my ability to achieve my goals.

We literally had guests tuning in from 7 different countries, & 3 continents!
Between her and my mindset coach, those were the best personal development investments in all of 2020.

My favorite eye opening part is when Kierra broke down passion over purpose. I’m so grateful for everyone who supported, shared, and attended. I’m still getting messages and DMs about how much they loved it and how much value they got from it."

-Alexis B.

"The event BLEW ME AWAY!!

But I was very happy that you addressed some of these roadblocks and mindset shifts within the workshop. The entire planning process you walked us through seemed purposeful, NOT cookie cutter. I loved how you tied the goals to a why, and how you showed us what our needle-moving tasks are based on our business development stage. By identifying my self-sabotaging behavior before setting goals, I'm better able to address it and plan for overcoming it.

The goal setting component was exactly the tactical information I was hoping to get from the workshop. If I could describe the workshop in 3 words, they would be: Energetic, Tactical, Worthwhile."

-Adrienne V.

"Before the workshop, I was feeling that I may not need productivity help because my issue was a lack of clarity.

The Royal Treatment:

CONQUER Your Coaching

This a Premium DFY/DWY Program for Aspiring Coaches Who Want to Launch Their 1:1 Coaching Business The Productive Way: 

The CONQUER Your Coaching Method:

C-Confident & Credible Coach

O-Organized Coach

N-Non-Negotiable Coach

Q- Quality Coach

U-Unconventional Coach

E- Ethical Coach

R- Receipts-Based Coach

Coming Soon

*major savings if you enroll as a beta client


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