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Find out the reasons why your own routine does not work well with you.

Monday is approaching and unlike Mondays in the past, you’re pumped because you’ve vowed to make some changes.

You were recently inspired to take control and start a new morning routine and your start day is Monday!

Monday rolls around and you’re ready. You went from sleeping in till 8:50AM to committing to a 5:00AM wake up call. It’s a little rough, but your adrenaline kicks in and you roll out of bed to start the routine you borrowed from a book.

As you matriculate through the morning, you feel really great. You have this innocent little smirk on your face because you feel like you’ve cracked the code to mastering your mornings, and there’s something satisfying about the fact that the people in your world are still sleeping.

As you begin to wrap up your morning and start your day, you feel accomplished. You did it!

The next morning comes and you do it again, this time feeding off the energy of yesterday. Then, midweek hits, your alarm goes off and you’re like…

”Just a few more minutes…”

The steam is definitely cooling off and you know it. A few minutes past, then an hour, and before you know it you’re back at the wake up time from last week and it’s disheartening.

Today feels like a failure and so you grant yourself permission to abandon the whole goal because of one setback…

Sound familiar?

Maybe you can’t relate to this exact scenario, but how many times have you committed to a new way of doing things only to falter a few days in?

It’s so incredibly common. You’re not alone.

I’ve seen good, ambitious, goal-oriented people with the best intentions fall victim to the challenges of implementing new routines.

While there can be many factors at play, I’ve found there are 3 common reasons why people can’t seem to stick with new routines:

SN: This is based on my observations as a Productivity Coach, not on scientific data.


Reason #1: Blindly adopting the routines of others without ensuring it matches your 3 P’s.

Listen, I’m a fan of books like “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod and “The 5AM Club” by Robin Sharma. Those books have transformed millions of lives. I love the occasional blog post or podcast about some famous person’s routine just as much as the next person, BUT…

And there is a BUT. Just because these books and articles shine light on what works for other people, doesn’t mean it will work in the same way for you. What got them there will not necessarily get you there.

People share the routines that have helped them become successful, but what we don’t see are their teams, systems, and budget. All of which will differ from yours. There are aspects of their lifestyle and business that are different from yours and if you know that then you know why copying everything they do can’t possibly work for you.

This doesn’t mean we can’t look up to these people or take a page out of their book. It simply means we have to take the time to ask ourselves:

”What do my personality, passions, and purpose tell me about how I should design my daily routines?”

It’s about self-reflection and awareness. They likely have a strong WHY attached to their routines and you should too. A “WHY” for a routine can’t be, “because it works for Warren Buffet.” That why is not strong enough to weather the struggles of the how.

Instead of blindly adopting the routines of people we admire, the best thing we can do is design and customize routines that match our personality, passions, purpose, and overall natural rhythms.

That’s what will get you there.


Reason #2: Allowing setbacks to hijack all of your progress.

Talk about self-sabotaging behavior. I’ve been guilty of this so many times in my life (mainly when it comes to establishing new eating habits and routines).

Setbacks should be treated as one-time events from which we strive to quickly recover. They are not meant to be a period, but rather a comma in our journey.

So many of us grant ourselves permission to throw the whole damn goal away when we mess up once or twice and that’s not okay.

Progress over perfection should be the goal. When consistency becomes difficult to maintain, we should ask ourselves:

”What can I do to make consistency achievable?”

You’ll find that solutions like built-in accountability and anchoring new habits to existing ones is a great start.

What we want to avoid is having this reflection time turn into a pity party or a sparring session. There is nothing to be gained from beating ourselves up about falling short. The best thing we can do is make a plan to reduce the odds of it happening again. That’s a far more productive use of time.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Allowing setbacks to constantly hijack your goals is a recipe for continued stagnation. You’re better than that and giving up on becoming the best version of yourself is not in the cards. Not today SATAN! Not TUHDAY!.


Reason #3: Going in way too hot, instead of treating the transition as a process.

”I’m coming in hot, hot, hot, hot…” that song is stuck in my head as I contemplate this reason.

Here’s the thing:

When we’ve made the commitment to implement a new routine or habit we fall drunk in love with the end result. That vision of what could be if we just stick with it leads us to biting off way more than we can chew.

Before you know it, we’ve abandoned old routines and habits col turkey and replaced with our new one, but truthfully only a small percentage of the population can just quit something cold turkey.

I’ve found that those who can have strong ass “whys” that sustain them. Beyond that, cold turkey approaches are destined to fail due to our inherent nature. Again, my opinion, not backed by science. Although, I’m sure there are studies that support my claim.

Instead of going all in and implementing drastic changes all at once, why not ease into it. Make it a process.

I know why we don’t do it.

We live in a world of instant gratification. We believe the quicker we implement change, the faster we’ll reap the benefits of said change. I get it, but when we choose NOT to pace ourselves we fall much harder.

Perhaps, now is the time to start glorifying incremental progression over instant transformation. There’s no magic pill or potion for anything we want in life.

Allow yourself to slowly transition into your new routines and habits and celebrate the small wins along the way.

That’s much more sustainable long term and quite frankly, a lot less painful.

All that said, implementing new routines and habits can work for you. You just have to avoid blindly adopting the routines of others, stop allowing small setbacks to hijack your goals, and choose incremental progression over instant gratification.

It’s obviously easier said than done, but it can be done.

If I can add one more tip for ensuring you’re successful with new routines, it would be to get yourself a bombdotcom Accountability Partner who truly wants to se you win.

Accountability can be a secret weapon for a lot of people.

If you’re ready to start customize your rebel routines and stay consistent, enroll in The CONQUER Your Chaos Crash Course Test Drive. It’s the first step to reclaiming your time, energy, and attention so you can get the right things done, at the right time, for the right reasons, in the right way for you.


Know These Productivity Hacks Your Productive Friends Do Differently

Do you have that one friend or colleague that seems to be running circles around everyone?

Every time you turn around they’ve hit yet another major milestone.

Wrote a book.

Discovered a cure for cancer.

Increased their revenue by 30%.

I’m being dramatic, but you get the picture.

This is about that friend who has their shit together.

They properly plan.

They have boundaries.

They get the RIGHT shit done at the RIGHT time for the RIGHT reasons.

Do you want to be able to say the same for yourself?

Try adopting some of their habits…

I’m not saying adopt their routines or schedules. We all are unique so the way you do what you do can and should be different, BUT you can adopt some of their daily principles and habits:


Maybe you’re thinking I’m going to tell you to:

  1. Wake up at 5AM
  2. Meditate, Exercise, & Eat a Healthy Breakfast upon waking
  3. Write out a to-do list
  4. Take breaks every hour
  5. Complete the hardest task first


Well, I’m sorry to disappoint, but this is not what I was going to say. I don’t believe in a blanket statement, one-size-fits-all platitudes.


Believe it or not, all your productive friends are not necessarily doing the above things daily, but I’m willing to bet money they are:


1. Waking up at least an hour before someone else demands their time.

Whether this places them in the 5AM club is neither here nor there. The key here is they are not rolling out of bed and directly into someone else’s agenda.

They are giving themselves the time and space to fill up their cup (in whichever way works for them) before diving into other people’s emergencies and demands.

They’re not afraid or apologetic about being selfish with the first hour of their day.


2. Choosing to meditate, exercise, and eat at the most appropriate time for them.

I know quite a few productive people (including myself) who skip breakfast altogether. Again, not recommending you do the same. I’m simply pointing out that most Productive Bosses eat when their body is ready to eat, exercise at the time of day best for their rhythms, and reserves meditation for a time that’s most beneficial for them.

Point being, they do all of these things, yes, but it doesn’t always happen at the top of every day and that’s okay. Your productive friends understand the power of making sure their routines match their natural rhythms.


3. Scheduling their “to-do” items directly inside their calendars.

Many of your productive friends are not deciding the day of what their needle-moving tasks are going to be. They have likely set goals and targets for the month, broken those goals down into actionable tasks, and placed those tasks inside their calendar.

If they do review the day of or the night before, it’s likely to refresh their memory or move things around if any part of their schedule has shifted since setting the goals.

In other words, they knew what needed to be done before the day it was due arrived.


4. Breaking when necessary, but remaining in a flow state when the situation warrants it.

Maybe you’ve heard of the famous Pomodoro Technique which encourages people to work for 25 minutes and break for 5 minutes consecutively for 4 rounds, then take an extended 15 to 20-minute break and start again.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…come closer….Your productive friends do not do this shit. They’d likely never get anything done if they did this.

Instead, most of them would rather remain in a flow state for an hour to 90 minutes and then take a break. I have yet to meet a high performing, productive boss who interrupts their flow state every 20 to 25 minutes. It’s nonsense.


5. Completing their most needle-moving task first which is not always the “hardest” task Brian Tracy coined the phrase “Eat That Frog” in his book of the same title.

He was saying when you wake up in the morning, you should complete your hardest, most difficult task first.

Let me just say this, I LOVE Brian. He’s my mentor! I’ve learned so much from him, but I respectfully disagree and I think your productive friends will too.

While it is important to complete your most important, needle-moving tasks first, those tasks are not ALWAYS the hardest or most difficult. In fact, I’ve experienced the opposite to be true. It’s the shallow tasks (the tasks outside of our zone of genius) that prove to be the hardest.

Our needle-moving tasks (the tasks WITHIN our zone of genius) are not only most important, but also easier than the shallow tasks. To respectfully disagree even further, the needle-moving, zone of genius tasks shouldn’t necessarily be completed first thing in the morning.

Instead, those tasks (which require lots of brain power and focus) should be completed at the time of day when your energy is at its peak! If that’s first thing in the morning for you, great! But, that’s not always the case for your productive friends. We’re all different.


I say all this to say, ignore all the cliché productivity advice you hear and start paying attention to the actions and principles your productive friends live by.

If you want to properly plan, establish boundaries, and get the RIGHT things done, at the RIGHT time, for the RIGHT reasons, in the RIGHT way for YOU, I highly recommend enrolling in CONQUER Your Chaos Crash Course where I walk you through the 7 steps to ruthlessly reclaiming your most precious commodities: Time, Energy, & Attention.

You’re one 8-week course away from becoming a Productive Boss just like your productive friends.


7 Ways to Deal with Difficult People & Uncomfortable Conversations

Have you ever had to deal with someone who got on your last damn nerve?

I bet you’re thinking about someone riiigghhhtt now.

Do you have to deal with people like this on a daily basis? Welcome to the club, love.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to totally avoid difficult people.

They’re going to be in your social circles, your workplace, and even in your family.

In order to maintain harmonious relationships, protect your peace, and (if you have a Leo temper like me) stay out of jail, here are 10 strategies for dealing with difficult people:

1. Stay Calm, Cool, & Collected

****I know it’s easier said than done, but no matter how much a person drives you crazy, you can’t lose control.

Self-awareness is crucial because in order to stay calm, cool, and collected you need to understand your triggers and the techniques that work best for you when managing emotions.

Common strategies like counting to ten, visualizing something peaceful, or reciting affirmations to manage controversial situations don’t always work for everyone. You have to figure out your own way of relieving stress and staying calm.

2. Kill em with Kindness

Difficult people don’t always know they’re being annoying or difficult. It’s not like they’re out plotting to ruin our lives (I mean some of them might be…).

They may not be aware at all that they are penetrating your peace and monopolizing your precious time.

So, when dealing with people like this, it’s best to assume they have good intentions. Be patient and forgiving. It’s not easy, but try to imagine the struggle they’re having and perhaps put yourself in their shoes.

Empathy. That’s what will likely save society from itself.

3. Identify the Hidden Need

Oftentimes, when someone is being difficult, it’s because of some unmet need below the surface.

We’re not obligated to be mind readers or wish-granting genies, but if we can uncover what a difficult person “really” wants, we may be able to minimize the time, energy, and attention spent dealing with this person in a roundabout way.

It’s possible that what they want has nothing to do with you, but if you can figure out what’s needed, provide a solution, and defuse the situation, wouldn’t that be ideal?

4. Lend a Listening Ear

Sometimes people just need someone to listen to them- plain and simple. Now I know I talk a lot about reclaiming your T.E.A. and establishing boundaries so what I’m about to suggest may sound counterproductive to that but hear me out.

Take a moment to listen to the difficult person without judgment or discontent. Show them some empathy.

This alone could be enough to get the person to see you as an ally and someone who cares. You give them your undivided attention for a half hour or so, you may be saving yourself months of not having to hear said person complain or bother you.

5. Ask Clarifying Questions

Don’t pretend you understand just to get rid of someone. This will likely cause more problems ahead.

Instead, ask questions to clarify. This goes hand-in-hand with numbers 3 and 4.

If you’re in the middle of a conflict, asking open-ended questions can uncover what’s lying underneath the undesirable behavior. It can also help the person you’re talking to better articulate what’s on their mind.

6. Seek Support

If possible, talk to colleagues or others who have dealt with this person in the past to get some perspective. There’s a good chance others feel exactly the same way you do, but they may already understand the behavior or have a tactic for dealing with that person. It’s important to understand that this does NOT mean gossip to people you “think” may dislike the person you’re having issues with. The goal is not to invite more people in to waste your T.E.A. and that’s exactly what gossip will do.

7. Be Direct, Honest, & To-the-Point

Talk to the person privately when you’re in a calm, patient frame of mind. Be direct with your words, don’t beat around the bush, and don’t sugarcoat anything.

Believe it or not, people respect when you simply “keep it real” with them. Admit when and if you’re at fault or if a misunderstanding has occurred.

Get better at saying “no” and turning down opportunities that will bring you into contact with difficult people. This is where boundaries come into play. Sometimes, our natural inability to say no is the cause of conflict in the first place.

Once you’ve figured out the most effective strategies for dealing with a difficult person, take note of what worked and what didn’t. Examine what worked in some situations, but not in others. There’s a good chance you’ll run into a difficult person like this again in the future, so be ready.

In Module 2 of the CONQUER Your Chaos Crash Course I discuss Overcoming Your Overwhelm by establishing strong, healthy, non-negotiable boundaries with the people in your life.

If you’ve been struggling to establish boundaries and these lack of boundaries is resulting in stress and frustration, I highly recommend enrolling in the CONQUER Your Chaos Crash Course today.

It’s time to take control.


Why I’m Not Here for the 9-to-5 Job Shaming: Rant

Did you just read another blog post bashing the “9-to-5, Monday through Friday” job?

Did it make you feel some type of way because you’re actually working a 9-to-5 type of job?


Did you nod your head in agreement, thinking to yourself “I can’t wait to be free of this bullshit 9-to-5!”

Well, either way, can I be honest?

I am really tired of wantrepreneurs bashing 9-to-5 jobs and belittling the people who work in them.

It’s as if one morning the whole world woke up and decided that traditional jobs were beneath them. It’s as if everyone in unison is screaming from the rooftops of the blogosphere

“F*ck the man! Work for yourself! That’s the true path to wealth, happiness, and success!”

Ummm…. What?

Give me a sec, because there’s literally so much wrong with this that my head literally aches…

Let’s start with this notion that working a 9-to-5 job can’t possibly lead to wealth, happiness, and success

Ummm… Can someone please call Andrew Hallam and let him know that he can’t possibly be happy or wealthy because he became a millionaire while working for “the man” as a teacher.

I mean come on! He was a teacher! That’s as 9-to-5 as 9-to-5 gets! He can’t be happy, successful, or rich, can he?

Everything we consume now tells us we have to be entrepreneurial and ditch the 9-to-5 cage and venture out on our own. Honestly, there were some people who were legitimately happy working for someone else, saving, investing, and taking trips once or twice a year.

Now, we’re out here shaming them, telling them they should want more out of life.

We’re telling them they should go start a business of their own and “make their own hours” and be free to travel as much as they want.


That’s the biggest fucking scam I’ve ever heard/witnessed- excuse my language. I’m getting upset because these people are actually succeeding at convincing so many people to ditch their jobs prematurely and enter into a world that’s not for everyone.

Obviously, there are people out there who are made for this entrepreneurial life. They can’t even stomach the thought of working for someone else, BUT if they’re being completely honest, they would tell you that this is not for everyone and contrary to popular belief you’ll be working a helluva lot more than 8 hours a day, especially in the beginning.

If you think that every morning when you wake up you are wasting your time and energy going to a job to work for someone else and that you can’t possibly amass wealth or be happy as a result, you have been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Why not change your mindset around your job? Think of it as a place where you can develop skills, grow your network, and most importantly pay your damn bills.

There are a number of us who hate the people we work with, but not the job itself. Instead of changing companies or departments, we have been convinced that the ONLY solution is entrepreneurship.


If you work for a company whose vision you can believe in, whose people you can trust, and who pays you well for your role, why on Earth would you think that ditching that job would somehow lead to happiness, wealth, and success?

Help me understand, please.

To the geniuses telling EVERYONE that EVERYONE should quit their jobs and start their own businesses:

Who will take your order at Chick fil a? Who will check you in at your bougee ass hotels? Who will tend to your needs in your first-class cabin on your flight to Dubai? Who will tend to your needs when you arrive at the hospital or if, God forbid, your house burns down? Who’s going to come to your rescue when you’re being robbed? Who will teach your spoiled ass kids?

Oh, I’m sorry, did you not mean those people? They all work some type of 8 to 12-hour shift under some person or organization, and you’ve built your business telling them they’re doing life wrong because they work for someone else.

There are some people out there who would kill to work for someone else because that would mean they could feed their families.

Wanting more for your life and striving to be the best version of yourself as well as building wealth does not always mean “ditching your 9-to-5”, folks. Those who try to make you believe that, want you to buy their course or training or book. They have no clue about happiness and wealth building.

On the other hand, IF you find it soul-crushing to work for any organization IF you have a strong desire to start a business that could have a major impact on the people it serves IF you have a burning desire to be completely in control of how you live your life day to day, then, by all means, go do your thang, boss!

If you feel ready, go for it, boo. But don’t for one second believe the fallacy that you will work less than 8 hours a day, that you will automatically find happiness, that you will instantly thrive financially, or that you won’t hit major bumps in the road.

Understand that while you can make money on your own, save that money, and invest that money to build wealth, there are millions of others out there saving their money, investing their money, building wealth, spending quality time with their families, AND making an impact while being employed by someone else.

Conversely, you have those who have ditched their 9-to-5s, have no money, a lot of debt, no time to spend with their family, and only the illusion of control over their life.

Don’t get it twisted, that outcome can plague CEOs and employees alike.

Now, I will say this:

You do need multiple streams of income. In the world we live in today, you cannot rely on government programs or tax season to sustain yourself. You need to have a stream of income that does not require physical movement on your end. You need to put money to work for you in some capacity. It doesn’t need to be real estate, but it can be. It doesn’t need to be stocks, but it can be.

Feel free to think outside the box on that one, but the point is, you do not necessarily NEED to “ditch your 9-to-5” to establish security, happiness, and wealth for yourself. That’s just a bold-faced lie.

So…with all that said, how does one remain happy in a 9-to-5 job, even while using it as a stepping stone to something else?


Well, do these 10 things:

1. Never engage in gossip! Gossip will literally be the downfall of friggin humanity!

2. Surround yourself with the most vibrant, energetic, positive, loving souls you can find.

3. Like Cal Newport says, be so good they can’t ignore you!

4. Work for a company whose mission, vision, and practices you can get behind. Don’t sell out for a check, please. If it makes you feel morally uncomfortable to do your job, it probably means you need a new job.

5. Break when you’re supposed to break!

6. Do not rely on your employer for emergencies or retirement. Live within your means, save an emergency fund, take advantage of 401k company matches, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket (like I did and lose everything and have to start over).

7. Find a mentor you can trust.

8. Do not live to work, work to live.

9. Take your damn vacations. Don’t let those days rollover. Use your weekends for mini-vacations, too.

10. Document everything. Keep records. Be smart about all communications with management, HR, and colleagues. It pays to be ready for worst-case scenarios. Those who work in corporate settings know what I mean.

Rant over!


I’m curious. Do you agree or disagree with me? Why or why not?

Are you a corporate professional straddling entrepreneurship?


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