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I'm Kierra AKA Miss Unconventional. I teach coaches, course creators, and corporate professionals how to conquer their chaotic schedules, guarantee their goals, and design a life and business that aligns with their personality, passions, and purpose. If you're ready to reclaim your TEA (Time, Energy, & Attention), click here to get started. 

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Is CONQUER Your Chaos Crash Course Right For You?


Learn How You Can be Productive in 8-Weeks

Do any of these statements strike a chord?

  • You feel like there’s no rhyme, reason, or structure to your days.
  • You feel like you’re being weighed down by everyone else’s emergencies.
  • You’re tired of being drained of your time, energy, and attention.
  • Every time you gain momentum, some conveniently timed shit hits the fan.
  • You’re afraid to upset people by setting boundaries.


If they do, you’re the reason I created The CONQUER Your Chaos Crash Course.


CYCCC is an eight-week self-paced coaching program where we reliably help our clients ruthlessly reclaim their T.E.A. AKA their time, energy, and attention, so they can

  1. Increase their productivity
  2. Establish strong healthy boundaries
  3. Get the right things done at the right time for the right reasons
  4. Maintain consistency with their habits, routines, and systems.


The Conquer your Chaos Crash Course operates on the 7-Step C.O.N.Q.U.E.R. Method.

This 7-Step Conquer Method stands:

C– Customize your routines- that means morning, evening, and daily routines.

O– Overcome your overwhelm by establishing non-negotiable boundaries and setting up your self-care.

N– Narrow your focus which means prioritizing your needle moving task and zone of genius tasks.

Q– Quit prioritizing shallow tasks and learn how to delegate defer, delete or do.

U– Uplevel your systems and the three type of systems every Productive Boss needs.

E– Evaluate and elevate your environment and the three elements of your environment that you should be elevating and evaluating on a regular.

R– Record your efforts daily where you learn how to use data to drive your decisions and growth.


I created CONQUER your Chaos Crash Course for the 5 Productivity Personas

1. No Boundaries Barbara has a beautiful giving spirit, but her giving knows no bounds.

She feels frustrated and overwhelmed with her lifestyle and workload. She struggles to get her most important tasks done because the truth is she has no… you guessed it, boundaries.

She’s constantly allowing other people’s agendas in emergencies to take precedence over her tasks and self-care and when it comes to family, there’s nothing she won’t do. While that may sound noble, it’s not because this feeling of obligation to be available to any and everyone who needs her leads to chronic burnout, resentment, and goal abandonment.

Taking irrelevant calls in the middle of the day, answering emails as soon as they come in, and abandoning her needle-moving tasks to assist others with theirs is just a part of her daily routine; This routine is slowly dimming her light and stunting her growth.

She has tried to ignore or cut people off in the past, but the guilt always creeps in and sends her right back into their demanding arms. Before you know it, she’s right back to operating in a stress-induced coma with no sign of relief. Her resentment grows like a cancerous tumor and she’s on the brink of letting some poor unsuspecting soul HAVE IT.

Can you relate to No BOUNDARIES Barbara?

Do you know someone like her?

Barbara is who I created this course for. Specifically module 2: Overcome Your Overwhelm.


2. No CLARITY Cara longs for purpose and the answers to life’s most pressing question:

Why am I here?

She’s overwhelmed by all the ways she can show up in life and business. Her lack of self-awareness means she doesn’t have a grand vision for her life or career and this is frustrating on a visceral level. To Cara, it feels like everyone has life figured out but her. She’s constantly reading personal development books, listening to podcasts, and investing in courses and programs, hoping it’ll reveal the answers she so desperately seeks. Again and again, she comes up empty-handed or with only one piece of the puzzle.

Most of her personal and professional development investments lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction. Mainly because she’s looking for the answers in all the wrong places. Her mind races with new ideas and she entertains every single one. When the enthusiasm for the idea wears off and a new idea emerges, she jumps on it immediately abandoning the previous goal without remorse.

As a result, she never quite moves the needle far enough to gain any traction towards her goal.

Can you relate to No CLARITY Cara?

If so, the CONQUER Your Chaos Crash Course is also for you. Specifically, Module 1: Customize Your Routines and Module 3: Narrow Your Focus.


3. No FOCUS Fiona has a strong desire to be more productive with her time, but she just can’t seem to get it together.

She wears what feels like a million hats and is constantly distracted by her environment. It could be a neurochemical situation like a DD or ADHD but for the most part, it’s more likely a compilation of bad habits and lack of discipline.

Fiona falls victim to distractions like social media, Netflix binges, text messages, phone calls, and new hobbies or programs. These things drain her most precious commodities: her time, energy, and attention. Every time she begins to gain momentum on a needle-moving task, some distraction pops up and derails her progress. Next thing you know, month-long projects turn into year-long projects.

While we all have moments where we lack focus, No FOCUS Fiona tends to start and end each day never really knowing what will happen in between. Goals fall by the wayside, excuses start to roll in and discipline goes out the window. She struggles to stay on task and her self-confidence suffers.

She’s tried planners, productivity apps and alarms (seemingly everything), but nothing seems to work for long. Eventually, she chalks it up to being “just the way life is” and as a result, her schedule remains consistently chaotic.

If we’re being honest, we’ve all been No FOCUS Fiona at some point in our lives.

If you’re currently No FOCUS Fiona CONQUER your Chaos Crash Course was designed for you.

Specifically Modules 1, 3, and 6: Customize Your Routines, Narrow Your Focus, and Evaluate and Elevate your Environment.


4. No HELP Halle, love her to death, but that woman has what I call Superwoman complex. She’s a boss to a fault and I didn’t even know that was a thing before I met her.

She feels like if she doesn’t do it herself, it won’t get done right or at all. She struggles with relinquishing control, and this causes her to constantly operate outside her zones of genius. We all have certain basic tasks we’re forced to take care of ourselves, but No HELP Halle has trouble asking for and accepting help when it is offered. This leaves her with very little time, energy, and attention to focus on her needle-moving zone of genius tasks.

I feel bad for Halle because she sometimes misses or forfeits amazing opportunities that come along. While she’s swamped doing things that could have been delegated to others. She’s tried hiring and accepting help when it is offered, but she’s been burned so many times before that homegirl has major trust issues now.

I’ve met many entrepreneurs and stay-at-home parents who would tell you themselves that they are a carbon copy of No HELP Halle. I’m sure if you browse the mid-level management floors of your local corporate companies, you’ll find some No HELP Halles there too.

If you resonate with No HELP Halle CONQUER Your Chaos is also for you. Specifically, Modules 3, 4, 5, and 6: Narrow Your Focus, Quit Prioritizing Shallow Tasks, Uplevel Your Systems, and Evaluate and Elevate your Environment.


5. No SYSTEMS Sandra is a complicated individual, mainly because she misdiagnoses the source of her frustration more than any of the other productivity personas.

She’s goal-oriented and ambitious, but she has no systems in place to support her ambitions. She has no consistent routines, no self-care systems, no professional and business-related workflows, nothing.

She’s just winging it every single day. As a result, she suffers from exhaustion, her lack of systems often leads to burnout, demotivation, and inconsistent or non-existent discipline. What kills me is that Sandra doesn’t even know that shit doesn’t have to be this hard. For her, the thought of setting aside all this time to put better systems in place to support her lifestyle and business sounds like a waste of time. She doesn’t realize yet how making time on the front end to set up herself for success will ultimately lead to copious amounts of time saved on the back end.

If you resonate with No SYSTEMS Sandra, CONQUER Your Chaos Crash Course is absolutely for you. Specifically, Modules 1, 5, and 7: Customize Your Routines, Uplevel Your Systems, and Record Your Efforts Daily.


Now that you understand who CONQUER Your Chaos Crash Course was designed for let’s talk about the [Productive, Unproductive scale] and how you can measure where you are by asking yourself these two questions:

1. How productive are you at work on a scale of 1 to 5?

1- I end the day wondering what the hell got done and the answer is a whole lot of nothing

2- I feel like I worked but I have no idea if what I did move the needle and I feel exhausted.

3- I get things done occasionally, but there are times when I just get distracted.

4- I get the right things done consistently.

5- I get the right things done at the right time for the right reasons and still have time for self-care.


2. How productive are you at home on a scale of 1 to 5

1- I start the day building hurried and unorganized in the day the same way. It’s exhausting!

2- My mornings are a little hectic, but it feels normal.

3- I have solid routines but they do get interrupted more often than I’d like.

4- I have a solid morning routine that gets me ready for the day.

5- I have solid morning and evening routines and systems for all of the household chores.


Now with online entrepreneurs and corporate professionals who have side hustles we have found that the average score tends to hover between 1.8 and 2.5. Keep in mind that’s BEFORE enrolling in CONQUER Your Chaos Crash Course.


Moving that score up just by 1 has a profound impact on:

  • Productivity
  • Stress Management
  • Energy and Mood
  • Organization


But when you enroll and CONQUER Your Chaos Crash Course, we can reliably raise this score by at least 2 points in both professional productivity and personal productivity.


Before making a significant investment, most people want to know two things:

  1. What will I get?
  2. What will it take?


Wanting to know these things, results in 8 key questions:

  1. What sort of results am I going to get?
  2. How will I know if I’ve achieved these results?
  3. Will the results last?
  4. Is this the real deal?
  5. How much money do I need to invest?
  6. How much time do I need to invest?
  7. How much effort will it take to get the benefits?
  8. What must I bring to the table before enrolling?


Let’s address these questions now.


When it comes to the investment or how much money it will cost you currently on March 7, 2022, the current enrollment rate is $1,000.


That’s less than a coffee a day for an entire year.


Or you can opt for the payment plan which is $400 per month for 3 months.


Keep in mind this price expires April 4, 2022, as additional features will be added and the price will increase to reflect those upgrades.


This means those who enroll before April 4, 2022, will still receive all of the upgrades to come at the current rate. The people who enroll before April 4, 2022, will NOT have to pay extra for the additional features being added.


How will you know you’ve gotten the results? Well, you will complete a pre-registration form which is required for everyone to gauge their starting point. Midway through the course, you will complete a satisfaction and performance survey, and at the end, you will share your reflections and progressions in a feedback survey. You will also have a compilation of all of the work that you’ve done with 8 challenges and the answers you provide will be used to determine your overall growth.


Trust me you will know if you gotten what you came for.


Will the results last? Well, CONQUER Your Chaos Crash Course helps instill game-changing habits that will remain long after the course concludes. The time you’ll spend customizing systems and routines will save you tons of time and energy. The boundaries you’ll learn to establish will be the benchmark for every interaction moving forward. The environment you’ll cultivate will be one fit for a Productive Boss.


What you must bring in order to reap the full benefits of the course?

  1. An “All in! Enough is enough” mentality where you take full responsibility for your results.
  2. A willingness to set aside the time to consume and complete the content of each module.
  3. Someone in your life who supports your desire to improve both personally and professionally.
  4. You must have identified with at least 1 or more of the 5 Productivity Personas


If you can’t identify with any of the personas, then this course is likely NOT for you.


If you’re thinking to yourself: Is this the real deal, Kierra?


All I can do is share the feedback that I’ve received from people who have gone through the course.


For example, Kayla said,

I’ve been enjoying the different formats of information you provide for each module. I can tell that you’ve put your heart and soul into this. I love the simplicity of your platforms too. It’s so obvious where everything is even someone not so tech savvy, such as myself can figure it out. Everything feels clear and organized. Even at this stage. I can tell this course is going to help me look at my productivity in a brand new way and make me deal with things I didn’t realize I was trying to avoid. It’s going to be challenging, and I’m glad I’m not doing it alone.

I’ll tell you one more. Laurelle said,

Thank you for helping me focus and become more consistent. You’ve actively listened and allowed me to give you a backstory on how I’ve ended up here. I’m excited to have someone like you who understands exactly where I am and knows how to help me make a difference in other’s lives without feeling clueless as to what tasks I should be tackling. I appreciate your transparency and the energy that you bring on every call in every video. I’m excited about my new productive lifestyle. I now know that things can be simplified and my overwhelm can be conquered.

I have more testimonials at


This course has changed the game for so many.


I have clients who I worked with more than a year ago who are still screaming from the rooftops about not only me as a Productivity Coach but the content that I shared with them and the work they did along the way.


They’re still implementing everything that they learned to this day!


So, why wait? If this feels right for you, don’t delay another day. Believe in yourself. Make your next investment your best investment and enroll in the CONQUER Your Chaos Crash Course at

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